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Scott Station/Nelson Industries

Scott station, also called Nelson Industries, is located across the street from the K-Mart exit on Montour Run Road. (I need to get the GPS coordinates). There is a bridge and existing track still at the location. The bridge has been damaged and is full of debris from Hurricane Ivan. On the far side of the creek the underlying soil has been eroded completely away by the flood and only the tracks exist above the creek.

An Eastbound, taking siding at Nelson Industry. In this view, Brakeman Dave Sherwood takes care of restoring the main track switch as the 4 units and caboose 38 clear up. - Gene .P. Schaeffer


The Bridge



Tracks leading to the bridge


Ivan Flood Debris


Severe Erosion note the unsupported rail


Old brake shoe?


Another view

We did some further exploration of the area and found a lot of Montour remains. Track, switches, ties and what have you. I've included the coordinates of the sites we visited. More could be found in this area. We only looked around for about 1/2 hour to find the images shown below. Most of the trackage is being buried over time. It would be difficult to spot them in the summer. Of course the bridge would be easy to find. According to the track plan shown above there could be much more trackage about. Many of the buildings may have been erected over the existing track and would have been removed. We also saw an old building which we didn't think part of the station but did not investigate further. There is also a pile of ties sitting near the bridge.

If you explore the area and find more items of interest please sent them and I'll post them here on the page. If you have old stories when the station was operational and what industries they served please let me know, we'll post that as well. We accessed the area by parking behind the Wicks Furniture building. There are some parking spots behind there that open to the field where the remains of the Montour are.


N40 27.324
W080 10.707

Switch Machine
N40 27.290
W080 10.760

Another view of the switch

A break in the track
N40 27.282
W080 10.786

Hidden switch points
N40 27.295
W080 10.752

The tracks are being buried in time.