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Milepost 25 Cowden

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Several years ago, quite by accident one cold winters day, I made a startling discovery. While driving the back roads near the Montour Railroad in Cecil, I came across a old wood water tank. This water tank, still wearing its red paint...albeit resting on a cinder block foundation right along a Glass Hill Road no more than 2 miles from the main track of the Montour RR.

As I stood there in disbelief in the frigid winter air that Saturday morning, wondering how in the world this wood structure lasted for so long, I was approached by the farmer who owns the land...and the water tank.

The farmer told me this old water tank was originally located near the Montour RR and served the Pittsburgh Coal Company Town in Cowden. The water tank was located near the top of the hill, and was trucked to his farm property many years before.

So I guess in a round about manner, there is a relationship between the Montour and the water tank...
Yes, the tank is weathered...
Yes the tank still stands of 2 weeks ago...
And yes, you can drive your car right up to it...
And boy is it beautiful...
Gene P. Schaeffer

12-Dec-1981 Come 1981 the P&LE will send several hundred empty box cars to the Montour RR for temproary storage that will be parked here for nearly a year bringing a end to the Life and Legacy of the Montour Railroad that we all loved so much.
Gene P. Schaeffer