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With Great Anticipation, earlier yesterday I received word my newest book on the Montour Railroad is now completed, packaged and ready for shipment from the printers. This new pictorial on the Montour Railroad contains 144 pages. It measures 12 inches by 9 inches, black & white done in Duotone, all hardcover with a dustcover. Of the 144 pages, roughly 130 of these pages have just one photo per page with the remaining page containing just two photographs or illustrations.

The word I am receiving, these books should be available for Christmas 2008.

Exciting is a great way to describe what is inside this new book. With the help of some special people, I was able to again borrow elderly negatives containing some never before scenes of Montour Steam. I again called on William N. Poellot, Fred Bradley, Tony Santucci who opened their hearts and doors to my requests.
We will also see, thanks to the heads up we received from Dave Wright, some lovely right of way scenes of the Montour Railroad from era's long before my time.
Then, a assortment of photographs that most of you have never before seen.
To outline what is inside this newest forthcoming publication, we will see before then after shots at Wicks Crossing...before and after shots of the two bridges at McPhearson Run...We will see shots of the 14000 just days old, on display in East Carson Street Yard back in the mid 1940's...
From there, we have a few train orders to read, covering Extra 84 East and the Eastward Trip from Montour Junction to Mifflin Junction...In addition, the scribbled notes of a long time Montour Friend, as he worked Montour Junction Yard.
We go off line for a quick visit to the PRR and P&WV dealing with some Montour RR related issues.. We then stand at Jewell and watch the progress of Extra 74 East doing a Brookside turn...Then we see a couple personal favorites, Horning Road Crossing in 1921...
If this isn't enough, its January 1980 and Montour Extra 76 East is flagged down at McDonald...right there at the transfer switch by yours truly...and I hand up to Roy my Canon AE-1 loaded with black & white, and he graciously records one of the few trips Montour 76 red, white and Roy and DJ made a No. 4 turn that snowy day...topping it all off, Montour 76, alone, makes for everyone's pleasure...
The price for this new publication lists at $50.00.
For shipping add another $5.00.
And for those living in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania add another $3.00 for sales tax..
I am considering renting the Community Center in Imperial on December 20 for those who would like their books autographed.
I am now taking orders, please send check or money orders to:
     Montour Shops
     155 Castle Road
     Pittsburgh, Pa. 15234

Questions or comments, please drop me a email at,